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    buttons change layers when creating interactive PDFs HELP!

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      I have many documents all with images that require to be enlarged, so for each image (some pages with a single image, others with 4 or 5) I create the image as a button.  In a new Layer called Overlay I create a greybox over the page and the larger image over that (both buttons and hidden initially).

      So the order in layers goes like this:

      Large image (top)


      small image.


      The ePub interactive preview within InDesign is spot on.  The button reveal and hide the images correctly and are in the correct order.

      HOWEVER, when I generate an interactive PDF, all pages look fine BEFORE I click a button, but once I click on an image I get:

      large image is display BELOW the greybox.

      Small image is display ABOVE the large image.


      I published the document online and when displayed in a browser all the problems disappear (I take from this it uses the same engine as the ePub interactive preview) but when I download the online document the errors come back.


      I really feel this is a bug in InDesign (listening Adobe?) and if anyone has had similar issues, I'd love to hear from them.

      Any and all help gratefully received.