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    I cant delete photographs on harddrive


      I cant delete photographs on the hard disc from Lightroom . I can delete from the catalouge , but not from the hard disc . Photographs imported from the newest verion of Lightroom works fine . But photos from earlier versions is impossible to remove . I get the the " Cant move the photo to the dustbin" messege . No option to delete directly without going to the dustbin .


      And as I said , it works with  photos imported with cc2015 . But not with earlier versions .


      I have tried to use Lightroom 5,7 instead  and a old catalouge version , but I only get an empty catalogue without photos ...



      I have an PC with the latest version of Win 7 .


      I have used Lightroom since version 3 and have never had this kind of problem before.


      // Patrik