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    Inserting a 180 degree picture that you can move into InDesign

    paulc72907979 Level 1

      The title is a little cryptic, so let me explain. I am making a VR app with video and need to create some storyboards to show examples of the screens that will be included in the app. We will be using 360' video in the final app, but for now I wanted to use a panoramic photograph to show a rough look and feel. i saw a tutorial for InDesign 2014 where you can click on a photo and moves to the next one in a sequence, creating the impression that the object in the picture rotated. This is the tutorial Digital Publishing With InDesign CC: Panorama and Image Sequence - YouTube . Which looked like it was going to solve my problem, however Folio overlays etc have now been replaced by the DPS stuff now therefore making that tutorial fairly obsolete. 


      I have tried downloading the older version of InDesign but the content viewer part doesn't work and I can't seem to find a way that it can be previewed or published that makes this effect work.


      Is there a way or a tutorial that shows how to re-create this type of effect on the current version of InDesign?