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    This a decent computer for Premiere Pro?

    CMILD561 Level 1

      Hi Again, as some of you may remember my original thread several months ago asking why I lag so bad with Premiere Pro on my desktop. 


      why do I lag so bad with premiere pro cs6?


      The short answer...my desktop sucks.  I tried to upgrade it cheaply and only minor improvement.  My personal laptop is 6 years old and time for an upgrade anyways so why not just start with something from scratch that works.


      I would consider a desktop if it is significantly less expensive but I would like a laptop so that I could edit footage on the road.  I realize a tower will be easier to upgrade some day if I need to upgrade, but I dont want to have to upgrade.  I just want it work from this point now on.   What I normally use it for is 1080p Go pro and DJI phantom footage.  I haven't messed around with 4k.  If I have the power it would be nice to start messing with 4k but it is not a priority.


      I did a search for computers that work with Premier Pro and this is one that came up


      Asus Zenbook Pro UX501.  Its $1300 quad core i7, 16gb ram which might seem small?  3 usb 3.0 a thunderbolt port and a 512 gb solid state.  I have a 2 TB external HDD for all my music and photos so 512 should give me enough space to use the OS and then to drop my video files on when editing.



      Anyone have an input on that?  If not does anyone have any suggestions for PC's , desktop but preferably laptops, under two thousand dollars that will work great with premier pro.  And will not likely force me to do upgrades in a year,



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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          Looks pretty capable on the surface.  I do not know with my older eye sight that I could use a 15.6" 4K screen for Premiere Pro.  My laptop is a 17.3" 1080 screen.  I noticed BestBuy might have a unit you could look at.


          The single SSD in the unit could be overcome with a device like the Samsung T3 USB 3.0 external SSD.  I do not have any 1080 GoPro media but I do have 4K.  With that 4K GoPro and no effects added I can play the media with very few if any missing frames at full resolution on my i7-4700HQ 24GB laptop .  As soon as you add warp stabilization or lens correction lots of frames drop and if I go to 1/4 resolution only a few frames drop.  So that part is a little iffy.


          Now here is another solution for you to consider (and an absolute dream system in my opinion) go to ADK the world's best specialists in Premiere custom configurations featuring lifetime tech support and look at the new ADK 8910SL 15.6" Laptop which has a much more current technology.  While it starts at $2000 there is great expansion room for much longer lifetime and you even can eventually have two M.2 PCIe Gen 3 x4 SSD's that have 2000 MB/s read rate plus two SATA III SSD's.  Talk to Eric Bowen about your usage, he can give you much better information than I can.

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            RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

            the main problem i see with that asus is the gtx 960m. i would go for at least the gtx 965m or 970m, even just for HD.


            if you want to buy a laptop and possibly avoid upgrades, and get into some lite 4k, you want to might get something with a 4 core i7, gtx 1060, 32gb of ram, and 2+ storage options. if your projects are small enough, you could run everything off a single samsung 950 pro 512gb and backup/store finished projects on a second drive, like a internal 1-2tb hdd. if you wanted more space you could go for two samsung 850 evo drives, one for os/apps/cache and another larger one for projects/media. depending on the laptop you could still have a third hdd for backups/finished projects/storage/etc. if you think you might possibly need thunderbolt for devices or storage, then you might want to look for a laptop with thunderbolt.


            the gtx 1000 series was just recently released for laptops, so new laptops are still coming to market. msi and asus should have some decent gaming laptops with 15-17" screens and have most of the previously mentioned spec's for around $1600-1900. if you want to avoid mystery oem ssd's and/or have more control over the spec's, some custom laptop builders will give you more control and options over the hardware. some have their own brand and/or msi/asus laptops which can be spec'd out and still stay within your $2k budget. unfortunately even the 15" ones from adk exceeds your listed budget and do not list samsung 850 evo drive options.

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              CMILD561 Level 1

              Thanks I ended up going slightly more powerful.  ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501VW-XS74T 15.6" IPS UHD (3840 x 2160) Touchscreen (Glossy) Laptop w / GTX 960M (4GB) & Windows 10 …


              1700 it has a free RAM upgrade to 24gb DDR4.  It is still gtx 960 m but that is 4gb instead of 2.


              Ill give it a whirl and see if it works!



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                I am looking at the same Notebook. How did it work out for you in the last months? Good buy - would you recommend?

                Thank you!