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    MathType EPS images do not grey out on Fast Display

    cchimi Level 2

      I have a script that places EPS images (created in MathType) throughout a document (I originally asked this as a scripting question here: Avoid "reading" images . But now I think it may not really be script-specific). After the images are placed, moving to a new spread in the document that has an image on it is very slow the first time (subsequent times there is no lag). A blue bar appears at the bottom of the window that says "Reading [image name]". If I save and reopen the document, no lag at all. It was suggested by Laubender in that thread that it may be related to InDesign trying to create proxy images, which seems like a reasonable answer.


      The problem I am having, though, is in testing this hypothesis. Changing my Display Performance to Fast does not affect these images. Other EPS images (not from MathType) grey out as I'd expect them to, but not the equations. The only way I can grey them out is to right click on a specific image and set its Display Performance (but since at that point I've already navigated to the spread where the image lives, it's no help in checking whether disabling proxy images solves the lag problem). Is this a know issue with MathType EPS images? I can't tell if they are EPS/WMF or EPS/TIFF or EPS/nothing (if anyone know of a way to tell on a PC, I would love to know). From opening them in a text editor and looking at the code I don't think they contain previews, but I'm no expert on EPS.


      Is there any way to get InDesign to treat these EPS images the same as any other, or is there something I can do to the images to make ID treat them that way? TIA.