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    Automatically generated books in my ADE 4.5.2 I can’t delete anymore


      I have imported a newly bought book to my ADE 4.5.2. Suddenly I got it four times in my liberary. When I deleted it from ADE next time I reopened ADE the four books of the same title reappear. As long as I did not open the copies in ADE in “My Digital Editions\CloudSync” I had four times “Library-Sync-Book.ascm”. I also can delete “Library-Sync-Book.ascm” in the folder “My Digital Editions\CloudSync” it does not help. Next time I reopen ADE they reappear. When I open the copies in ADEI got four *.epubfFiles. What the hack is this? Does Adobe think a product like this is useful? (I have also already tried to re-authorize. And so on…).