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    I can't get any canon c300 mark 2 material to play well on a super fast machine


      Hi I'm not able to play any c300 mk2 material (XF-AVC) on my mac pro packed with memory and VideoRAM, and raid 5 thunderbolt drives.

      It's extremely sluggish and droppes frames ALL the time. it doesnt matter which compression i use; 1080p 225 mbps, 160 mbps or 4K 410 mbps

      All this stuff plays extremely well in final cut pro 10.2.3 and davinci resolve; without ANY hickups, even with multiple grdes and effects. in prpro i cant even only play 10 seconds in the timeline without ANY effects. I must be doing something extremely wrong...! ( oh and i really DON'T want to work with proxies!!!)


      So why cant premiere pro 2015.4 do this? its extremely frustrating to work like this. i'm thinking of switching to avid i guess, but i dont actually want to.

      my machine should really be able to play the videos.


      thanx, Pim