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    Converting InDesign Business Card CMYK to 2 Color


      Hi everyone,


      I'm new to this discussion board so go easy if this has been answered. I have searched high and low for this specific answer to no avail.


      I have developed a business card in InDesign CC 2015 with front and back respectively. The file is in its default CMYK colors as nothing was request prior. I sent the files off to the customer and they then sent them off to the printer. The printer came back and asked for them to be in '2 Color Files' as they are printing them in 2-color. Myself not having knowledge in the actual printing process have never had an issues submitting CMYK files to my previous customers.


      What is it I need to do to convert it over to a format that works with their request? Do I need to switch to PMS?


      Thanks in advance!