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    POST requests failing through deployed/served app, GETs are OK though

    NeroWolf Level 1

      Recently my app has run into an issue with sending POST requests, when I run through the browser all of my requests work fine. When I attempt to do a POST through the ripple emulator, phonegap app on device, or a built apk, they will fail and I won't get any exception information. I know my endpoint is fine because A. It works in the browser, and B. I can rerun the requests in fiddler all day without issues. This leads me to believe it is a phonegap issue, which I've had before where I had to update the CLI version and it miraculously started working again... This time I updated from 6.1.0 to 6.3.0 and no luck....


      The app is using Angular1 and sends the POST via $http.

      I do have the white-list plugin and everything set as allow in config.xml

          <gap:plugin name="cordova-plugin-whitelist"  source="npm"/>


          <allow-navigation href="*" />

          <access origin="*" />

          <allow-intent href="*" />


      Here is what I got when I attempted to log the exception, first line is a hand-crafted log when the error was caught, second line is the error that was caught... aka nothing.

      [phonegap] [console.log] Exception occurred while inserting mobile user registration

      [phonegap] [console.log] {}


      Any help is very much appreciated.