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    Embedding a Muse Image Comparison Item in a Project

    VahePogossian Level 1

      Hello Behance Community.
      I'm about to publish a new project onto my Behance page and I came up with this idea of having an interactive Before/After Image Comparison item in the project. This was my first attempt at Adobe Muse but I've managed to create exactly what I wanted. Here's a screenshot:




      Unfortunately, I'm stuck here because I don't know what to do next. I have 0 experience in coding and I don't know if this idea is possible at all. I have several questions. I hope someone can guide me or give some hints.


      - Is there a website or a cloud service I can upload and view this interactive item on the Internet?


      - Assuming there is such a website, can I get a working embed code for Behance from there? As I understand simply uploading this into a project won't work, since Behance doesn't accept Adobe Muse formats.


      - Is this possible at all? Am I not reaching too high?


      Thank you in advance for your answers and support.
      Best regards,