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    Mocha AE track one frame taking forever, 'Esc to cancel' non-responsive

    Ashley7 Level 3

      Is it just me or is this known? ... Mocha for AE is taking forever to complete a single frame tracking. It's already been like 5 minutes. I think part of this is user error on my part... I have "Min % Pixels Used" set to 90% and I clicked to track one frame forward during a transition ... it's a cross-fade where the subject is in the same situation and general location, just slightly moved so the tracking needs adjusting (like a morph cut but it's a crossfade).


      Instead of tracking through this transition, I think I should have manually added key frames and simply manually adjusted the tracking shape slightly through to the next clip, then let auto tracking continue... instead I tried to click auto-track through a transition which is blurred between two clips so it's likely unable to do anything there. Okay fine if that's my problem...


      ...but why doesn't "Esc to cancel" work immediately? Painful... I've noticed this generally with Mocha Esc to Cancel.


      Also, maybe unrelated, but undo'ing a single thing in Mocha AE is taking anywhere from 20 to 60 seconds in the same proj.


      I just want to make sure some of the timing is not unheard of... but also to hear if there's a trick to getting Mocha AE to simply stop what it's doing, to get its "Esc to Cancel" to work?


      New system: i7-6820HK CPU @ 2.70GHz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s), 48.0GB RAM, all drives are SSDs, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M

      System is underutilized, not stressed at all.

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          Ashley7 Level 3

          I discovered if I hold my finger down on ESC for a long long time, it eventually stops. It's unclear why they don't simply detect ESC and set a flag... or, if they do that already, it's not clear why it wasn't stopping for me based on a simple quick keypress.


          I now see another anomaly... at 30% I was seeing much faster tracking, like 1 second per frame (I'd like faster but that's night/day compared to the stall described above). I'm now later in the footage, same lighting and subject but 30% pixel usage is now taking forever each frame.