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    Adobe Automatically Updated My Credit Card Information Without Consent!!


      I subscribed to Adobe Cloud and have had tons of issues with the product and with Adobe customer support. Every time I call I am outsourced to a call center in India and they are pretty ruthless. A lady hung up on me, three of the representative and two managers were defensive — they were right and I was wrong and that was present from the very beginning. They were not empathetic or showed any concern or want to resolve an issue. I have never experienced this kind of customer service in my life and based strictly on this factor my view on Adobe is rather poor. I do not recommend anyone to subscribe to their services. There is a lot to this story, but to sum it up, it's particularly about one major issue. My reason for complaint was to get a refund and close my account due to the fact that my credit card was updated without my consent. This is very alarming!


      My credit cards were lost/stollen and I did not update my credit card information in my account manager settings. I did receive an email from Adobe that stated my old credit card had been denied, but no where in the email did it state my credit cards would sync. I don't even use an online wallet. I did forget to update my information and a week later my new credit card had been charged the monthly subscription fee. I got scared! I have had to update many of my online subscriptions with Apple, Amazon, Square Space, etc. However, those companies never updated my credit card information, I had to do that manually. What Adobe did felt violating. When I asked the Adobe representatives to send me my signed contact that stated if I lost my credit card that they would automatically update, they refused. When I called Adobe to explained what happened the first time, the Indian woman told me it was my responsibility to pay. I have requested my account to be closed without being charged, and they refuse because when I signed up I agreed to a contract. They have charged me a fee for breaking the contact. I want a refund for this and they will not refund me. I'm so upset, mostly with how I've been treated that I am seriously considering advising a lawyer. It's the principle and what right do they have to update my personal information without my consent and for a large corporation to not give me a refund for $64 is absurd!!