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    Client syncs the font we use - can they share with the company?


      Hey there!


      We made a website for our client (using Typekit fonts), and they are now wondering if they can use the fonts from the website for their company (putting onto letterhead, using in letters, using in email signatures, etc). Meaning, they want to share the font with everyone in the company so they can use as needed.  Our main point of contact has a Creative Cloud subscription, but no one else in the company does.


      Is that possible? Our POC would need to download the fonts to their computer to be able to share the files around - since no one has the creative cloud syncing ability.  Would they need to purchase a certain license to do that?


      If they are allowed to download the fonts onto their computer, how do they go about doing that? I can't find any documentation on downloading the actual files - only syncing them from Typekit.


      Thank you!


      - Adaline

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          Ben, Typekit Support Adobe Employee

          Hi Adaline,


          Each person that wishes to use the font on their computer will need a license to do so.  If the fonts you used are available for sync from Typekit, they can use it to sync the fonts. They need either a Creative Cloud subscription that comes with a Portfolio Plan or they can sign up for a Portfolio Plan directly on Typekit.com.


          The other option would be to purchase licenses for the fonts for each user. Some resellers or foundries provide discounts if you purchase the fonts for many people.


          I hope this helps. If you let me know the fonts you're using for the site, I might be able to send you to the right website to purchase them. Let me know and we'll take it from there.