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    Can not get Prints to match image when printing directly from Lightroom


      Sorry for starting another thread on this subject but I am at a complete loss.


      Let me start with the run dow on my equipment and programs; I am using an iMac Retina 5k late 2014 model with 3.5Ghz Intel Core i5, Canon Pro-100 printer, Lightroom version 6.6, OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6. Both printer and Mac are directly connected via a USB cable.


      I was using a Spyder4 for a few years to make sure my monitor was correctly calibrated and just recently upgraded to a Spyder 5 Studio; which include the Spyder 5 monitor analyzer and the Spyder Print analyzer. I made a print through the Spyder Print software and analyzed it and it made me a custom ICC file. I was hoping that this was the fix to my issue but it did not help my problem.


      Now I will explain what settings I do in the Print module; I don't really mess with picture packages so this is all done through Single Image.

      Image Settings - I check off Zoom To Fill and Rotate To Fit

      Layout - I do nothing here unless it is showing borders

      Guides - I do nothing here

      Page - I do nothing here

      Print Job - Print to: Printer

      Draft Mode - unchecked

      Print Resolution - unchecked

      Print Sharpening - unchecked

      16 Bit Outputting - checked

      Color Management:

      Profile - This is where I have been putting in the ICC file for any of the papers that I have been trying to print to.

      Intent - Relative

      Print Adjustment - unchecked


      Now, when I go to the bottom left button "Page Setup", I make sure my printer is selected, paper size is correct and portrait or landscape is highlighted.


      Next I go to the button to the right of that one "Print Settings". This is what I have been reading and watching is my printer driver. The first thing I do is click on the center drop down and select Color Matching. There are 2 choices, ColorSync & Canon Color Matching, both are grayed out. You can not select either one. I will then select Paper Handling to make sure the correct size is listed, the I will go to Quality and Media and this is where I will make sure the media is correct and the Print Quality is set to high. It is here I would make a print and find out I just wasted ink and paper.


      OK, when I was on DataColor's website they mentioned there could be an issue where Color Matching is grayed out. So they want you to download a generic ICC file and open the ColorSync Utility, then open devices and find the ICC file for your paper and install the file into the ICC file. Unfortunately my printer does not show up under Devices in the ColorSync Utility, so that method will not work.


      There is only one method that I can get a pretty decent photo to print is when I go to File in Lightroom > click on Plug-In Extras > click on Canon Print Studio Pro. When that plug-in opens I keep all the settings set to auto and print the photo from there. This has been perplexing me now for months! Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!