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    Issue with forms and duplication of data




      I have made a couple of documents earlier where I have used forms and specificely textfields. The documents have two parts, one for the teacher and one for the student (a small certificate). The idea is to fill in data in one part of the document and this information transfers to corresponding field. This have worked before, I just named the fields exactly the same.


      Now I'm doing another one of these documents and it does not work anymore - the information does not duplicate. The old documents, that has worked before, does not work if I export them again... I think the program has been updated since the old documents were made. Does anyone know how to solve this? And I apologise for any language errors 

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          TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There seems to be a bug (feature? surely not!) in the latest update of InDesign (2015.4) whereby if two fields in InDesign are set to have the same name, they are renamed on export.


          This means that in Acrobat, those two fields will have different names.


          This is why the text from one field is not appearing in the other field -- for that to happen, they must have the same name, and the latest release of InDesign has broken this.


          The workaround for now is to rename the fields, in Acrobat, so that they again have the same name. You should then find that the text is duplicated from one field to another as before.



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            ChristofferO Level 1

            Ok. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next update. It would save a few minutes (but it won't bring back my keyboard )