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    CS 5.5 startup fail


      Hi guys,


      i hope you can help me, with some InDesign CS5.5 issues...


      I have been using CS5.5 for quite a long time now, and it has always run very smoothly - even on Win10, which i have been using for a year or so.

      But for about 14 days ago, it wouldn't open anymore.

      It shows a CC Trial diag-screen.


      It says i have XX days left of my trial period, and it's leaving me with 3 options; Enter serial, continue trial or close app.

      • Enter serial: when i enter my CS5.5 serial, it approves it as the right version and the right language (Danish), but when i click "Next" nothing happens - it closes the app and nothing more happens.
      • Continue trial: It closes the app and nothing more happens.
      • Close app: Just closes :-)


      I have tried to do a FULL uninstall of all my Adobe apps, and reinstalling InDesign again.

      The installation is correct, and accepting my Serialnumber.

      But when i start the program the above mentioned problem is occurring.


      Can anyone help?

      I have tried the chat-support, but they don't offer support for this product anymore and told me to post my problem here - so i hope one of you experts out there can help :-)


      Best regards


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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          InDesign 5.5 is quite an old version. If you're a professional you should consider upgrading to the latest version, CC2015.4.

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            ohmnath Adobe Employee

            Hi Mysia,


            If the issue is reoccurring even after re installation means its somehow trying to connect to the Creative Cloud Subscription. As mentioned above, CS 5.5 is an old version, however if it has been working fine for you, you should make sure there after the un-installation, there is no CC app or any other related app is still left behind. Just install the CS 5.5 and then validate it with the Serial Number, instead of the Subscription.




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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              There isn't any way to validate CS5.5 or earlier through the cloud -- they're perpetual license only....

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