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    Phonegap wont generate APK that works


      My app works using the phonegap desktop app with the mobile dev app! But if i try to generate a APK using build.phonegap.com then i just get a device ready screen


      I just wanted to make this real simple app for my workplace to iframe our website for the app!


      Here is a link to the .zip


      if anyone could help me fix this, it would be much appreciated <3



      Go Beyond Medicine.zip - Google Drive

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          VectorP Level 4

          You're developer #7,291 asking this question (and PGB isn't doing itself a service with the desktop app).

          1. You should not upload a full Cordova project. Just upload your assets.

          2. The config.xml should be in the root directory of your zip, along with index.html. The best way to do this:

          - move config.xml into /www

          - adjust the paths to icons/splashes

          - zip up the contents of /www (not the directory itself).

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