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    Impossible to use premiere element 12.1 !




      Since 1 year i have a lot off difficults to start premiere element 12.1 (3 times on 4, it crash ). Sometimes the starting stay blocked on the screen "ImporterQuickTime.prm" and sometimes it never opened...


      In fact, i can't use the software that i've paid. A have installed the last update of the software. I'm administrator, i have already install and uninstall the software 4 times. I have tried by deleting the folder Prefs in C:\Users\My user\Appdate\Roaming\Adobe....


      All my drivers are up to date (graphics, motherboard, network...). Sometimes i can open it by unpluging the network cable. I'm computer scientist, and i've never sow that !


      Can you help me to resolve the issue ?