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    Troubleshooting *.isf styles mapping

    exteritylaura Level 1

      Hi all


      I've been reading and re-reading the following discussion but I still cannot get my ISF style mapping settings to work when I import FM files.

      Using FM13 and RH2015


      Re: ISF Export

      I've also looked at Peter Grainge's "gotcha" on his website.


      The steps I take are as follows:

      1. Create blank project in RH

      2. Under Project Settings, Import tab, select Browse and select the *.isf file that I exported from a previous project, which contains all the style mappings between FM and RH.

      3.  The CSS that I created for that project is also brought in at this point.

      4. I do not click Edit under FrameMaker document, as I want to use the mappings in the *.isf file.

      5. I click Apply, then OK.

      6. I then select Import Framemaker file from the menu and select a single fm file.

      7. In the Import dialog, I reselect the *.isf file that I selected before (though I would have expected it to be selected already as I chose it in Project Settings). I get the message "File "xx.css" already exist. Do you want to overwrite?" I click OK.

      8 I click Next, then Finish.


      Instead of looking like my previous project (the one from which I imported the *.isf), this project looks very similar to the FM file I have just imported.

      I also notice in the Styles and Formatting pod that the Framemaker styles have been imported, appended with FM_ .


      There is no sign of the styles from the CSS, nor any mapping.


      Please can someone help me get the mapping to work, as I am ready for the hills :-)