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    Folder missing from Catalogue after re-connected?!? Macbook

    Edmunds Level 1

      Hello All,

      I have been having a devil of a time with Lightroom again. I have just had to re-format my external hard drives as after updating the operating system to El Capitan my external hard drives were ready only and I could not change the permissions. They just seemed to lock me out. So....I copied 200 GB of photos and copied them both to friends computers, re-formatted to EXFAT (which I read was the best format for using Mac and windows) and re-copied everything back onto the hard drives again. I understood that I had to help LR find the path again so I opened up the back up I had made before all this and there were all my folders with ? mark as suspected. When I went to locate missing folder, found the folder on the newly formatted drive, it seems to delete from my catalogue list and I don't know where they go.


      I am matching them up but then seem to be loosing the folder all together. I have tried find folder with the folder name but it never finds it.


      Am I doing something wrong here???


      Any advice greatly appreciated