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    How to edit with Premiere Elements 14 at 2k ?




      I have been using PE14 for editing my fullHD videos so far, but for the first time I have a video at 2304x1296 (2k). in PE14 I can easily the option for editing at 1920x1080 or at 4K, but I cannot understand how to editing at my resolution. What should I do?


      My video is at 2K (I checked its properties, I am sure about this resolution), but strange enough when I try to select "custom" in the PE14 editing menu, and then select "match source file", PE14 says that my video is only 1920x1080. So, I doubt whether 2K is not an option at all in this version. Shall I update something (apparently this version is up to date) or install something else?


      please help :-)