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    Unwanted sounds appearing after exportation


      Hi ! First of all i am french so I apologize if I use wrong vocabulary, especially with technical terms.

      I am making a video teaser in after effect (i made video/sound editing in Premier Pro, then I imported the sequences in After Effect just to add animated intro+ending). To sum up, my teaser is divided in three parts : introduction, video and ending. There is music during the video, but silence during the intro and the ending. When I play the video in after effect, everything seems to be right. But after exportation, there is some weird sounds in the silent parts. It seems to be residual noises from the main audio track. I checked everywhere but there's no reason to explain why. My audio layer starts at 0:00:03:00 and ends at 0:00:30:00 and still there is sound before and after. Has anybody an explanation ? Or a solution to say "i want to remove any sound from 00:00 to 00:03 and after 00:30" ?

      I hope I was understandable,

      Thank you in advance !

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Your audio already is in Premiere Pro.  A lot of you video is already in Premiere Pro.  Just use After Effects to make the parts only it can make, and do the finishing assembly work in Premiere Pro.  Then you won't have any audio problems.


          You should know this -- After Effects is the WORST application for audio on Planet Earth.  No, wait -- I'll take that back.  I think Microsoft Word is worse for audio than After Effects.