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    Legacy Premiere Elements 2.0 Help MUCH Needed


      I have worked for months  updating a family history DVD project which I first produced in 2007. I am ready to burn it to disk, but the Burn Disk dialog box does not recognize either of my DVD/CD burners (one internal, one external) no matter what I do. So, then, I tried to burn the project to a folder and let a third party software burn the disk. But about 98% through the process it gives me a "runtime error" message about some files. Oddly enough, in the set up dialog box it would not let me name the folder or select a place to put it no matter what I did. But when I clicked Burn, it began processing for at least two hours before it quit with runtime error. Can anyone help me?

      I have Premiere 12 on another machine and have attempted to transfer the project via Archive/Copy Project, but neither worked. It did archive/copy to a folder which I moved to the other machine via external HD, but the files were all messed up: much missing, wrong audio with clips, etc. I do not have time or patience to remake this whole project on this machine. It is my wife's machine and she will not give up its use for this.

      Does anyone have any idea how to solve my problem?

      Here is more info: in 2007 when I successfully produced the first program, I did it on an old Compaq lap top running WindowsXP with an external DVD burner. It took a LONG time, but I had no experience to compare it to. Now I am running the same program (Premiere Elements 2.0) on a much newer desk top with 100 times the power and memory as that old lap top, and the OS is Windows10 with an internal DVD/CD burner.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You will definitely not be able to open a Premiere Elements 2.0 project in Premiere Elements 12. In fact, attempting to do so will likely corrupt the project and make it unusable in any program.


          Premiere Elements 2 is a very primitive version of the program. It pretty much capable of editing miniDV footage and that's about it. Any other source footage would likely challenge the program. Also, Windows has evolved so much since 2005, I'm not even sure version 2 will run on it -- at least not without setting it up in compatibility mode.


          What model of camcorder is you video coming from and what format is it? Are you using photos in this video? If so, have you ensured that they are no larger than 1000x750 pixels in size?


          What is the running time of this movie?

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            JRAYnSC Level 1

            I do not own a camcorder. I created slide shows using Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 (which came packaged with Premiere Elements 2.0) and then move the slide shows to PE2.0 to add audio, etc. The program works will in Windows 10, except for the problem originally described; namely, that when I attempt to either burn a DVD or create a DVD folder to allow a 3rd party DVD burning program to burn it, the dialog boxes that open in PE are unresponsive---I cannot enter any information.


            As for transferring the program from PE2.0 to PE12.0, the show did load, however, I think I should have archived it rather than copying it to a folder, because many of the media files did not load properly and I had to move them one by one. But I eventually did succeed. The problem after that is that I do not know how to manipulate PE12.0 since it came loaded on my wife's Dell PC with no physical manuals. I am not much of an on-line reader/researcher. Hence, my asking for help.


            Basically I am trying to update an old slide show program. Currently my solution to the problem is to archive the project to my external HD, then plug that into my old Compaq lap top and load the project to PE2.0 on that machine, which is running WindowsXP with a painfully slow processor. In fact, I began the burn process at 1:00PM yesterday and it is currently 4:12AM the following day, and the progress window on the Compaq shows 83% completed in the current process. The "Overall Progress" bar is only about 1/3 the way across the window, so I do not know how much longer this will take. I appreciate your response. I realize that using older software with newer OS & hardware is questionable, but I simply am not about to buy the newest software yearly or whenever I upgrade my PCs (which is about every 5 years). I still have all my old DOS manuals! <smile>

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              JRAYnSC Level 1

              Two additional points of reply: the photos are well within the parameters you stated, and the overall run time of the project is 1:43:xx; however, there are seven (7) separate slide shows (with audio & effects) on the DVD. This is a family history/genealogy presentation, so there is a main program and six smaller programs, all controlled from the DVD menus of course.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                You don't say if you have the original photos or not. Because if you do, the best and EASIEST solution is to recreate your slideshows in the Organizer for version 12 -- or, even better, version 13 or 14 which have a much more dynamic slideshow tool.


                You seem to have used the Slideshow Creator for Photoshop Elements' 4.0's Organizer to create your slideshows. If that's the case, you may be able to output your finished slideshow as a WMV and then load that into Premiere Elements 12 for finishing.


                It's not a clean solution but it will get the job done.


                I just don't know of any other solution to get a project created in a 12 year old version of the software to work on 2016 software.

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                  JRAYnSC Level 1

                  Yes, Steve, I have all original photos and documents in the seven slide shows. And what you suggest is essentially what I am doing. My first attempt to save (Copy) PE files to my external HD and transfer them to the other PC with PE12 was not successful. The clips and their various parts did not come together very well. I did spend some time trying to rearrange the parts, but that machine belongs to my wife and she didn't want to give it up for very long. In the meantime, as stated originally, I attempted to output the project from my PC again to the ExHD in DVD Folder format so that I could then use a 3rd party DVD burner (since PE2.0 would not recognize my burner). But, alas, PE2.0 did not succeed in "burning" a DVD Folder. So, what I have settled for is outputting the project to the ExHD in Archived format and loading that on my old laptop, which I successfully used to make my original DVD back in 2007. As I write this, PE2.0 on that laptop using WindowsXP is attempting to "burn"a DVD Folder back to the ExHD, which I will then reconnect to my PC and hopefully burn a disk with ImgBurn (recommended by others on this forum). I should know by Monday. If that fails, then my only recourse is to let the painfully slow laptop burn the new DVD to an external burner. I did a test run of this the other day and the encoding and burning took 16 hours! But the DVD only partially worked. As for using PE12 from scratch, it came pre-loaded on my wife's PC when purchased a few yrs ago and there are NO manuals. It looks nothing like PE2.0, so I would have to spend hours "learning" (read: figuring out) how it works. And no backup disks were included for re-loading if needed. So I can't load PE12 to my PC. (sign, ain't computers fun?!)

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    I'm still not quite sure why this is as complicated as it is, JRAY. It should be as simple as just dropping in the slides and outputting your DVD. That's how it's always worked for me.


                    Sorry your experience involves such a convoluted workflow.