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    Is it possible to drag and drop project items to a custom extension panel?

    Premiopolis Level 2

      Looking for a way to be able to drag a project item -- clip, sequence, etc -- from the project window to a custom extension panel.  Goal is to be able to process something -- maybe change a clip, add some metadata, move to a designated bin -- ally by drag-and-drop.  Method would have to pass some identifying info to a handler for any processing.


      I was not expecting to this work at all, but actually got further than expected: I created a div with a "ondrop" event listener, dragged a source clip from the project window to it and lo and behold it triggered the listener.  Unfortunately that was the extent of it.  The JS event handler, although it fired, detected no files, no info, so the whole thing dead-ended.


      Anyone have any ideas on this?