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    Flash and SourceSafe???

    SeedofHope Level 1

      We are slowing building our eLearning group in our company. We are finding that we really need a system like SourceSafe.

      The question is, does anyone know if SourceSafe (or some other system handles):

      FLA, SWF files
      BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG files
      WAV files
      DOC files
      PDF files
      FM files (Framemaker) files
      PSD files
      Corel files
      We are looking for one system running on a server that would be able to house all of these file types (maybe more) and provide versioning, check in / check out, etc.

      Also, it would be nice if the system could do comparisons. (Although this may be asking for too much). For example, it could compare 2 docs and tell what the differences are. However, this is a "nicety", NOT a requirement.

      I appreciate any advice.


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          Pete_Hughes Level 1
          We use Visual Source Safe extensively. Don't know a whole lot about how it works but it does the job, which is hang on to stuff until I check it out onto my box. I don't know what you mean by Souce Safe 'handling' different formats, it doesn't care what it is and will take whatever you put in there. We mirror the contents of Source Safe to an open directory so that developers can run their projects without having to get everything to their own boxes. One thing I haven't figured how to do is create a build file that will assemble a working CD from the latest contents of the project in Source Safe. I can look at the history for each file and there is a Diff function. I can't say we have ever had any trouble with it, despite a frequent lack of training or a knowledgeable administrator. There is an interesting article on Wikipedia.

          IMO all of these systems have pitfalls that can trap the unwary. Good luck