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    How do I open a file directly to sign?


      I'm trying to change from signing documents on paper to signing them on pdf. I want to be at least as efficient as I am on paper. I receive the pdf in question as an electronic fax. I would like to open it immediately to the sign toolbar and place my initials. Ideally the initials would be time stamped. The process that I'm having to use currently is to open the document, click on "Fill & Sign", wait for it to reload with the "fill & sign" toolbar, click on "Sign", click on my initials, place my initials, click on "Ab" to place text, type the date, resize the date (it is too small to start), click "save" and close the document. Sometime I also need to place comments on the document. I've put the specific controls that I need to use in the main toolbar so that I can use them quickly upon opening the document. I can't seem to put the signing controls there, though. This process has several steps that I would like to eliminated. Please help me streamline it.