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    100% Width for objects

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      I was not able to find answers in the forum or FAQ to the following. I have a website up that is under construction. As seen on the homepage  http://idlefreevt.org/idlefreecalifornia/, besides the background image and text, there is a white header/banner, created as a rectangle on the master page, and a photograph placed on the homepage. I would like to have these extend in the browser window full width (100%). I am using version CC 2014.3 (I have an older computer/OS) and the 100% Width button is activated for both of these objects. Is there a way to show them extended?

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          Ok, I figured out how to make the white rectangle object header go full width. I misunderstood the little Width button, thinking the arrows pointing inward meant wide. Obviously it is the opposite. But the button is grayed out for the placed image to be 100% width. How are photos full width like on this site?: http://www.mitierrarestaurante.com/

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            I found the answer in this discussion: css - Adobe Muse: How to style body to 100% width? - Stack Overflow


            Particularly this comment:


            There is a way to make an object 100% the width of a browser. It's not so obvious and it's hidden:


            1. Draw a rectangular box and fill the box with photo (scale to fit), set color to none.

            2. Resize the rectangular box to the same width of the canvas (page size).

            The combination of the procedures above activates 100% width on the object.


            I will add that just placing a photo will not activate the 100% Width button - it remains grayed out. The key is to draw the rectangle and add the image in the Fill. This activates the button and, viola, it works.


            It's disappointing there was no help with this...fortunately I figured out the correct answers myself.