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    PRE-Loading images How do i do it?

      So I made this site and you can check out if you want at www.protomediadesign.com I made it from an image in photoshop and then spliced it up using image ready. As you can see, when you go to the site it slowly loads each individual slice until the whole image is complete. Why I want it to do, is show nothing, and have the entire page cache into the browser, then once all the splices have been cached, the entire page shows up in one piece, no individual images. Is there a way to do this? I am kinda new to this, I am using dreamweaver MX2004. I see there is an option under the behaviors called preload image, but when I do that, and select all the images that I want, even after that it still loads them individually. I noticed that it says "onload" preload images, so does that mean that I should have a pre-site, which just says ENTER, which then will trigger all the images to preload on the next page? Any help would be greatly appreciated and I hope this is something simple to do. Thanks in advance for any help.