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    How do I get rid of colour artefacts in exported jpegs?

    markl29542700 Level 1

      I have taken a series of night scenes over water.  When I look at a couple of jpeg exports they have patches of green blotches where lights are reflecting on the water.  These blotches do not appear in camera or when the DNG files are processed in an alternative free software download (un-named).  In develop mode, as I click on the large image of the edited DNG files to enlarge it for sharpening, I notice these green patches appear out of nowhere.  When I click back on the image to reduce it, the green patches disappear as it shrinks in size and are no longer present.  Unfortunately, the green patches reappear again in the converted jpeg file when I export out of light room.  I never had this trouble in photo shop!


      Please help give me tips to rectify this annoying problem.