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    HELP!! Robohelp Survey???

      Is there a way to set up a "survey" (I am not sure what it is exactly called, so) to see how useful help topics are?

      For example, there are sites like amazon.com and possibly here too(not sure) that the reader can “vote” on a topic and its useful or helpful-ness.

      I would like this function as a beginner roboHelp developer at work. I want to say something like “was this helpful to you?”
      Yes No

      And it will tally up yeses and No’s..

      or something like

      Rate this topic 1-5 stars… etc

      If there is a way to do this in HTML, let me know that as well as I can use that in my other job for their website.

      I mainly want to know if roboHelp had this kind of functionality

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Try using the "form" feature in RH available from the Insert menu. Add a form and then the individual elements. You can design this to fit your requirements. You'll need a script to sublit the form once it's completed. However this won't automatically tally up the responses. Perhaps someone else may know of another utility that can do this outside of RH?
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi David

            If you have Microsoft FrontPage and you have a FrontPage web available, you could use FrontPage to create a form that would submit to an Access database. You could then query the database to tally results.

            Just a thought... Rick
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              Thanks, that seems to work pretty well, all i need is to create a link to our databse for a tally... somehow...

              do you know the code?... this is for an intranet only website that is not using frontpage. I am creating it in HTML, have radio buttons, and a submit button and would like the data to be sent to the server when a user clicks ie: 'yes' and submits, and adds comments if they click No and have comments and a tally displayed on that database so as to better my help system for the users that need answers fast, and perhaps to better the main system itself.

              Thanks for the replies so far
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                RoboWizard Level 4
                Hi David

                I'm no ASP code jockey, if that's what you mean. Unfortunately, FrontPage dumbs the process considerably. It handles creating the connection as well as creating the database the form results are stored in. There is some gnarly looking information created that allows the connection to occur. Usually, you crack open FrontPage, create a form and go from there. The process is pretty straightforward for a simple submit to database option. It gets much gnarlier once you discover you need to create some ASP code that will allow querying the database or otherwise managing the information.

                If I had half a clue as to how to accomplish this otherwise, I'd share in a heartbeat. Unfortunately I'm pretty challenged in this area. I just tossed it out as a possibility, since so many folks seem to use FrontPage and FrontPage enabled web sites.

                Sincerely... Rick
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                  ElisaFnord Level 2
                  I'm no ASP jockey either (heck, I fall off the saddle!). What if you approached this from the Access angle? Suppose you build two comment forms for the Access database (or better yet, get the developers to). Then create "Yes" and "No" buttons in RH that are actually shortcut controls that open the comment forms in Access? The forms could have a pre-checked "yes" or "no" checkbox and room for comments and a Submit button.

                  Oh. Rats. This will only work if the user owns a copy of Access, right? Well, if your corporate environment is controlled enough, everybody might...

                  My .005 USD worth (this one isn't worth two cents),
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