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    InDesign: Preparing Ad Sizes

    Joshayogi Level 1



      Everyone in these forums (including InDesign Secrets) helped me a lot with a recent design project I completed.


      I created a 100+ page magazine.


      Thank you.


      I'm hoping to bring up something I feel I could have done way better, to get feedback on where to start next time.


      Is there terminology for setting design parameters for Ads?


      If so I would be using that terminology here to ask questions but I haven't found anything that focuses directly on this topic anywhere.


      What is a good place to start when setting your Ad design parameters?


      Here's what I made:


      The magazines pages were 8.5" x 11" with a .25" bleed


      Full Page: 7.5" x 10"

      Half Page: 7.5" x 5"

      Third Page: 2.5" x 10"

      Third Page (Horizontal): 3.33" x 7.5"

      Quarter Page: 5" x 3.75"

      Quarter Page (Horizontal): 7.5" x 2.5"

      Sixth Page: 2.43" x 5"

      Sixth Page (Horizontal): 3.75" x 3.34"



      How bad did I mess up?


      Most of my issues came when the businesses decided to ignore the design parameters.


      But then I feel as if I missed some things.


      Should I be choosing whether I'll be using 3 columns for text, and other things like this before I start setting design parameters?


      Where do you guys start?


      What do you consider?


      Thank you