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    Unable to sync settings across photos, LR freezes every time


      This just started out of the blue a couple days back.  I had been syncing settings over like images, as I always do when editing weddings, and Lightroom suddenly just froze when I pressed the Sync button.  The dialog box didn't show up, nothing.  Just pressed the button and the program was instantly frozen and unresponsive and had to be terminated with Task Manager. 


      At this point I have tried restarting the computer, relaunched LR, uninstalled and reinstalled LR, and even tried to install an older version of LR.  While that option worked and installed, the older version would NOT open the new catalog I had just been working on.  I am almost halfway done with this wedding and do not want to start over, and editing the remaining images one by one would really suck.  So what's the deal with this?  Is this going to be fixed soon?  I am a wedding photographer and I *need* this program to work properly.  Without the sync tool, it is pretty much useless.  Help please.