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    sound on compressed video

      Dear Forum - this is probably an instant 'no, you can't', but I thought I'd ask anyway. I've had a look around the forum first and wonder if I've missed the answer, so apologies if I have. I have imported a short video clip into a Flash file I've created. Unfortunately, that video clip contains music, which I would prefer to 'lose' if possible. Is it at all possible to incorporate the video clip and turn the sound off, or can this only be done before the video file is compressed and where the audio is in a different channel from the visuals? I don't know if I can get a source file other than the one I already have for this clip and I am not, as you will guess, very advanced in terms of Flash skills!

      Many thanks in advance for any help
      Anne Ward
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          Rothrock Level 5
          It can be done before compression, during compression (depending upon the tool you use), and you should be able to control the sound from your swf as well.

          Of course it would be best to remove it before you use the file because your user will have to download a bigger file.

          How are you using this video – embedded in the swf, externally loaded FLV, something else?
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            award Level 1
            Hi there - thanks for your prompt reply - much appreciated! The source video file is basically already compressed and has been taken from a company promo dvd, so all I have is an mpg file, and the quality of that is now not great. The company for whom I'm making the Flash movie has permission from the other company to use whatever part of this promo they want, but as yet I have not investigated whether I can get a better source file - ie not using a ripped version of it from the dvd. So basically all I did was import the mpg video clip into my Flash movie and build the rest of the file around it. I can give you a link to a test version, if you like? Do you still think I can control the sound within my Flash file? I am only familiar with the very basics of ActionScripting!

            thanks again