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    ie update fixes are trashing my flashform

      I load three sequential flashforms with user based SQL retrieved data loaded into session varibles. I then use the defined session varibles to set default cfinput values and populate a number of select boxes with SQL queries spaning across tab based navigation pages within each of the three forms.

      I have tried the various java script fixes with every one I try all of the session varibles and data slices etc are wiped out.

      The form IS activated and the submit buttons and slect boxes are activated and fully functional but useless because all of the values are wiped clean. As an example, If I type in some input into one of my text input boxes and then click a submit button that calls new data using flash remoting the new data is populated so I know everything is functional.

      I have tried placing the script in the onload, after form load and just before the </html> close in my footer template- all with the same results.

      Any help would be appreciated.