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    Alligning to edge of bleed


      I have a 200 page brochure with page bleed set but when I move a page in the document it realigns the full page image to the edge of the page and not to the edge of the bleed it does this to every page with a full size image is they a setting somewhere to align to bleed instead of page edge without me having to manually go and reset every full page image.

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Howard,

          there is no setting like that.


          One could work around the problem.

          With an anchored image to a the text frame.


          The trick behind this is to use special anchor settings of a graphic frame relative to the spine.

          One example:

          where a text frame, inside the margins at the top, is holding a graphic frame that is sized like the page plus a bleed on top and left (or right) depending where the text frame is positioned.

          ( Other values will also fit. )




          A duplicate of the text frame is positioned on the left page.
          As you can see the left edge is out of the page area into the bleed.


          If I move the page to a different spread the anchored graphic frame will always cover the bleed.