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    Not Generating Start Page

    KendallT123 Level 1
      As late as Friday, I was using RoboHelp and it was working just fine. I made a change and I went to republish to my Output folder and it does not publish the start file. When the View Result message appears, I click on it and it does not launch the result because it cannot find the start file.

      Anyone seen this before?
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi KendallT123

          Indeed I have seen this before. Actually it was just last week in a RoboHelp HTML class I was conducting.

          So what was wrong? Well, in the case I was witness to, it had to do with insufficient rights on the PC. You might check with your IT folks to see if anything changed with respect to the way you log in. Perhaps they enacted some security measure that now impairs your ability to create WebHelp.

          Cheers... Rick