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    Suddenly no audio in some MTS video files, Premiere Elements 14 on Win10


      Good morning forums,



      I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with a new issue I ran into yesterday and which cost me several hours troubleshooting (tried too many things to list.)


      I recorded some training lessons with my Panasonic HDC-HS900K Camcorder audio setting set to "focus" and PE14 does not recognize the audio. I created three other short videos in the other three formats (surround, zoom, and stereo) and they all worked.



      The funny thing is the lessons I recorded in audio mode "focus" WORK FINE in the Media Player and Movies and TV apps (Win10 I7 desktop)



      So after several lost hours troubleshooting this issue, I'll have to avoid this audio mode in the future.


      However I would like to know why PE14 will not recognize the audio in video .MTS files while off the shelf apps play them fine? :-(


      Definitely seems like a PE14 bug if it can't support audio in .MTS video files which Media Player can...  more than happy to send my short test files to Adobe if they would like to take a look at them






      Shawn Tierney