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    Need help with Link passed from XML

      This is to create a flash driven navigation menu. What I have is a coldfusion page that serves a simple XML formatted page. There are 3 XML components, linkLabel, linkURL and linkType. The label just passes text, the type is just a number 0-9 that is used to determine the style of the button. The linkURL that is passed from coldfusion comes across encoded for XML, so what I end up with is url's that replace "&" with ";amp;".

      So my question is this, is there an easy way in the actionscript to replace the ";amp;" with "&"? Other than that little problem, the rest of the script runs just fine, I just can't seem to find the syntax I'm looking for to replace items in a string. I saw the code for replacesel() but this doesn't seem to do it, unless i'm writing it wrong.