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    Licencing Issue?


      Hello All


      I please need help, I purchased Lightroom 4.0 many months ago and have registered the product via the serial number and all was working fine.

      After I registered the product my other half decided to purchase the cloud which in the mean time we have stopped.

      Finally I am able to take pictures again and wanted to use Lightroom however the develop section is blocked for me to use saying that I need a membership or have to register the product. I have been through the chat sessions and nobody can help me. Is there someone here who can give me advise so that I can use Lightroom again?




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          dj_paige Level 10

          If the Develop section is blocked, that is because you are using a version of Lightroom Creative Cloud, which you cannot use to develop photos now that your Creative Cloud subscription has ended.


          you must use Lightroom 4. If it is still installed on your computer, you need to find the proper icon for Lightroom 4 and double-click on that icon. If it is no longer installed, you need to re-install LR 4, and use that.