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    Adobe Draw and Google Drive IMPORT

    dpgruitt Level 1



      Im having trouble with Adobe Draw on ipad pro.

      I have my entire collection of works on my drive, nearly 100gb and I need to be able to import sketches etc from drive into adobe draw to use as ref.

      At the moment when i go to add image layer I only get the option to import from the ipad (useless) and adobe cloud, again useless.


      Is it possible to import from drive into draw?



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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi DP,


          It's not currently possible to bring files in from Google Drive. We get this feature request frequently though (also for Dropbox and iCloud) and I know the drawing teams are discussing additional file sources for the apps... I'm just not quite sure when they might make it into the app.


          I don't know whether it helps, but you can export to Google Drive.


          Wish I had more information for you. I'll definitely pass your comments along to the team.



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            CCFAmedia Level 1

            Every time I think I should try out the Adobe Mobile apps again, I hit against something bone headed like this.

            Seriously, Adobe only allow importing from the device and from your proprietary cloud service?

            I was all ready to try the tools again and I have to do some baloney workaround because Adobe wants me to use their cloud share. Well what about stuff non adobe users provide to me to work on? I get design fodder from clients in Google Drive and Dropbox, not Adobe Cloud Whatever.  Paying 50 dollars a month to have more restrictions than I have with $6 dollar apps I bought YEARS ago is not my idea of serving your customers. It seems more like Adobe is desperate to have us use it's cloud service which I have no compelling reason to use besides Libraries.

            It's decisions like this that make me strive to find any app that can make me less dependent on Adobe.

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              MARKFRANCOMBE@GMAIL.COM Level 1

              I agree, this is so stupid!!!
              I was actually looking  forward to using Adobe Draw in a prof project right now. I was TOTALLY AMAZED that I couldnt do this...!!!!
              DO I REALLY have to first copy my source material to Photos to import it...
              Honestly no one cares about Adobe CC Files--- Its cool that I can send from app to desktop, but them adobe Libraries... no thanks...
              I cant have to use a different filing system for every app developer...
              This might even get me to remove Adobe apps now...

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                mattaningram Level 1

                How is it possible this feature hasn’t been added over 2 years later? Adobe are you trying to get me to switch to Affinity tools completely? This is ridiculous. All of my stuff is in Dropbox, I’m not going to move items to iCloud or Adobe Cloud just to access it in Illustrator Draw. Be better Adobe.