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    Bates Stamping Large amount of documents

    maorr46579965 Level 1

      Hi all and thank you so much in advance for reading this!

      We have a large number of PDF files that we would like to bate stamp all together.

      Total about 800,000 pages combined.

      Files are stored in about 400 folders, each folder have 3-20 pdfs inside.

      Our goal is to have the following:

      Page numbers will run from 1-800,000

      The bates stamping on each page should be:

      The folder name + The PDF file name + the number


      How do we do that as a batch process instead of a manual which will take forever....

      We use Acrobat PRO DC - I know how to use the bates stamping tool, but I didn't see anyway for the tool to "pull" out the folder name and the file name and add them to the bate stamping as a prefix.

      Thanks again guys.