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    Automating customized PDFs with InDesign and Acrobat

    hpnwise Level 1

      I work for a finance firm and we send each new client a contract.  Depending on the type of business a client does, the contract will need to have different clauses/ price schedules.  I want a way to make a document I can share with my non-CC savvy coworkers so they can easily customize these contracts.  Does anyone know a definite way to do this?


      I think I know how I could attempt to start, but I wanted to check here first to see if anyone else knows a good way.

      My initial thought is to make an interactive PDF in InDesign using multi-state objects.  There would be a menu on the first page with a list of check boxes:

      [ ] include large scale fee schedule

      [ ] include medium scale fee schedule

      [ ] include small scale fee schedule

      [ ] include non-profit client disclaimer

      [ ] include institutional client language clause

      And depending on which boxes were checked, different fields would appear in different parts of the contract.


      But that sounds really complicated, so hopefully there is an easier way?  Also- I have access to Lynda.com so if you know of a video on that site that could tell me how to do this, feel free to reference it!