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    format issue in Presenter video express 11 on Mac

    brunod98122629 Level 1

      Hello !

      impossible to change the format to 1280x720 .
      when I import a video or a branding video in it , I always have 2 black bars because the format doesn't match the project.

      I verified that the option was selected in the preferences before starting my new project.
      I tried 4 times and it doesn't work, the exported video is always in the1280x800 format !

      Is there anybody knowing that issue ?

      Thanks for any help !



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          renzildsouza Adobe Employee

          Hi Bruno,


          Video Express has 2 default project resolutions - 1280x720 and 1280x800. If your screen resolution is in the 16:9 aspect ratio, the project resolution is 1280x720. On some Macs, the screen resolution is in the 16:10 aspect ratio. On these Macs, Video Express defaults to a project resolution of 1280x800. This is the cause of the issue you are reporting.


          To work around the black bars issue you can import assets that are in the 16:10 format, such as 1280x800. Or you can manually change the resolution of your OS to 1280x720. See this link for more info:


          How to adjust your Mac display’s resolution settings | Macworld


          Please let us know if this helped.


          Thank you,
          Renzil D'Souza

          Video Express Team