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    Editing PDF after being digitally signed




      I am creating a PDF document that needs to be digitally signed by a preparer, reviewer and second reviewer. I have no issues with creating the digital signatures and signing. However, I noticed that once the preparer signs off, you can no longer edit the document (can't delete pages, can't insert pages, can't replace pages.) When the reviewers review it, it obviously may result in changes to the PDF document that make it necessary to insert/replace pages.


      Is there anyway to be able to still edit the PDF (replace/remove/insert pages) after the preparer has digitally signed?


      Thank you!

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The advantages of using digital signatures would be entirely negated if such types of changes were allowed, so you might as well just use commenting markups instead of digital signatures.

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            Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

            I think this is a case where the apparent ease of use of PDF is leading you into an unworkable path.


            Consider, with paper. People review a document. They write comments and changes, and they sign it. This is an important document; you act on it, and file it. You don't, however, try to fix the paper document by changing it, carefully writing over the text. Instead, you act on the changes, change the original, and print it again.


            So it is with PDF. You file away the signed document in a safe place (not paper, of course, as the digital signature is lost, but keep the signed file). Then you return to the ORIGINAL file - typically a Word document - and edit that, making a new PDF. It may go for review again, until finally you get an approved document.