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    Animate CC classic tween irregular movement




      I am trying to create a slow motion scene, using classic tweens to animate smooth movements with position, rotation, scale and tilt settings. I choosed an Action script 3 workspace, And the final result should be a large "Fresco" where a virtual camera travels through elements wich are moving very slowly (some kind of bullet time style).

      I know that making a 1 millimeter movement through 500 frames on a 480p stage at 12 fps obviously CANNOT be smooth (I am actually making a basic movement  on a UHD stage @50 fps and the animation keeps jerky so don't tell me that's the problem). What I have found is that Animate does not create Linear movement when I set a classic tween frame.
      It sort of moves 1 frame on 2, freezing 2 frames barely at the same coordinates then moves to another position, keeping that position on 2 frames etc...

      Not sure if my explainations are clear, so here is a screenshot with the onion skin activated, showing the abnormal trajectory of my symbol :




      In fact I get a serrated curve instead of a straight slope.



      I didn't use any easing. just created 2 keyframes, selected them then right clicked -> set Classic tween.

      It feels like the graphic tries to follow an invisible low pixels grid when it moves, but I am actualy upsizing my drawings  to fill the whole workspace before I convert it to a symbol, then animate them. Then I downscale it to place it in the composition. I precise that jerkyness happens in both sizes.




      My PC specs :

      Win7 x64 full edition

      Intel core I7 970 @3.2 GHZ 6 cores hyperthreaded

      AMD 295X2

      24 Gigs of RAM DDR3

      Corsair RM1000 powerblock

      Dedicated to programs 256 GO SSD (75 GO left)

      My project file is stored on a 500 GO HDD, 260 GO left.


      Could someone explain to me what's happening here ? Is there any solution to obtain a smooth movement in Animate CC ?


      Thank you.

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          just.emma Level 4

          Are you actually publishing your file and viewing the final SWF/video, or are you just previewing it within Animate? 


          You're not going to get the best/most accurate results if you're just playing the timeline in Animate.

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            benoitmedori Level 1

            Yes, I tried to publish as a .swf and export as a video but the same problem persists.

            I've uploaded a quick video to demonstrate how it looks, (I set the stage back to 24 fps, 1080P as these settings don't affect the jerky thing) :


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              benoitmedori Level 1

              No I didn't get any help.
              Perhaps I should clarify that in the example video, the problem appears on the "giant arm" that is clearly jerky, compared to the other smaller characters who are way more smooth despite their size.


              Am I seriously the only one who has encounter this problem since the birth of Flash ?

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                Factgathering2010 Level 1

                There must be others who have encountered this problem!!

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                  benoitmedori Level 1

                  I've found the problem.


                  I've drawn my characters too small on the stage, it appears that Animate is unable to manage tween animation of upscaled symbols. If you draw something small, convert it to symbol, then upscale it, Animate considers your symbol as a tiny element and interpolations won't work correctly (with those ugly jerky movements)

                  So if you want to create a huge landscape with many small elements and tween animation, just draw things giant, convert to symbol then you'll be able to get a smooth tween animation.

                  Vector drawing is pretty pointless if I have to think about how dumb this program manage resolution.

                  Now I have to resize every single graphic I've drawn, and readapt any keyframe I've made.

                  Thanks to Adobe who's actively working on optimisation of core features like cloud libraries and the rename of his software to make it such a powerful program.

                  Thank you so much for you precious help. As always, see you soon for the next absurd and unsolvable piece of code that makes Adobe's products so much enjoyable.

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                    benoitmedori Level 1

                    After some more researches, it appears that I was wrong.

                    Resize graphics manually won't help classic tweens to work better. Animate CC's classic tweens are absolute **** in every case. That's all. It is unevitable, these are just not concieved to be smooth. The worst results appear when you set a displacement + rotation combined movement. Classic Tween is certainly an old and unsupported feature forgotten by developers, too busy working on typekit and other cloud ********.

                    So the best advice I can give you is to simply NOT use any classic tween in your animation. Or to simply NOT use Animate CC in your workflow. And maybe terminate your subscription to Creative Cloud, to make the world a better place.


                    Now I am looking for another way to animate my project. Is there a quick way to export each of my 280 symbols in my library to independent PNG files via script or automation ?


                    Thank you.

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                      Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      The apparent smoothness of movement is dependent on the stage quality setting. If you're on a lower setting things will snap to the nearest pixel, which can cause a stepped appearance to the movement. The default setting is "medium", you are able to set "high" or "best".


                      Try putting this into the Actions panel in frame 1 of the timeline:


                      stage.quality = "best";


                      then see if the animation is any smoother.

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