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    Indesign Update linked Files Problem

    DuvLady Level 1

      I have never had this issue in all the years I have worked in indesign. so this is a new one on me. After creating files the day before, the following day after restarting computer, opening indesign file, get a message "would you like to update files?".  so i hit "yes"  done this a million times before. well now, my client is saying that some of the pictures are incorrect, when the day before they were fine.


      While finding/replacing the linked files to the correct ones. I found one consistency each and every time.

      The file names.

      The client files had been titled "image.png" for barcodes and upc stuff. so i hadn't bothered to change the name of the file since this has never been an issue.

      But now apparently indesign, just finds another "image.png" file on my computer and replaces it with that file.


      anyone else having this issue? it has to be a software thing.  until this is fixed, i will no longer be allowing links to be replaced automatically. what should be a non issue could make me look like a idiot to my clients. adobe really needs to address this issue in the next software update.InDesign