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    Adding metadata to custom Metadata Schema

    Kelly Anderson Level 1

      Hi Bruce,


      I see you've added the ability to add a metadata property to the Project Metadata Schema and populate it with data.  (Thank you!!)


      Any work on being able to do this on a custom Metadata Schema?




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          Bruce Bullis Adobe Employee

          If that schema is installed in the Right Place™, and enabled in the "Metadata Display..." UI, then it might work today. [If not, your test code could feature prominently in a bug I'd write, on that behavior...]


          Unlike Prelude, PPro doesn't import dynamic schemae embedded in XMP assets. But if the .xml is in the Right Place™, it'll be available for a user to enable. Annoying: there's currently no way to programmatically enable custom schemae; we're looking into enabling (valid, present) schemae by default in future versions.