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    How to create a mobile app from a Flash Professional project?

    kitfox Level 1

      I have a game I've been working on and I'm getting it ready to publish.  It's a large project I've been developing in Flash Builder and it incorporates about about 100 different ActionScript and .swf files.


      I've been looking into trying to compile this for Android or iOS.  While Flash Builder does provide a special Flex Mobile Project which has support for compiling to Android and iOS, this would involve creating an entirely different project and I'm not sure how to tell it to include the files from my Flash Pro project.  It's also not clear to me how I would program for Flex Mobile since it is using .mxml files to create controls rather than letting me create my own interface with .swf files.


      I've also tried editing my bin-debug/projectName-app.xml file which I read ought to allow me to compile my Flash Pro project to an Android .apk, but the Project/Export Release Build... dialog will only offer me AIR export targets.


      If anyone has any advice on how I can turn an old-school web-oriented flash project into a mobile one, please let me know.