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    Adobe Animate Windows not Displaying correctly


      I just bought animate and when I started the exercise from the tutorial I noticed that the windows don't display correctly.

      The preferences window appears cut in half with the left half missing. The canvas window is missing the properties tab and the zoom/center tab.

      I tried switching between different workspaces, but it appears the same.

      When I resize the window some of the tabs appear but the window is too small and its useless(see attached screenshots).

      Another thing I noticed was when I use the brush tool to draw a line, it changes the position and shape of the line after I let go of the mouse button(I used mouse because I thought the tablet might be missing some drivers.Attached screenshots). I got in a chat with the support crew and after one hour of renaming animates settings folder and logging out and back in few times, the chat got closed for some reason, so I didn't bother going through that again. I am using windows 10 home x64

      on my MSI laptop. I also tried changing the resolution of the screen. I use external monitor but I tried different resolutions both on the build in and external monitor.

      For the brush tool I tried with the tablet, my mouse and without any pointing devices connected(using the build in touch pad), but with no success. I didn't expects something like this, because everybody claims animate to be extremely reliable and professional software. Hopefully a solution will be found soon.

      Thank you for reading my lengthy post, I've tried to provide as much information about my problem as possible but feel free to ask me for something else I might've missed. Thank you once again!drawing0.pngdrawing1.pngcomparison.pngsettingwindow.png