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    My bizarre tethering issues...


      So, often when you have a software issue, you tell the forums what the specifics of the issue are, but with tethering it's always something different.


      While shooting fashion, or something similar where you're shooting relatively fast, I rarely have any issues... always seems to stay connected and all is well, but I shoot mostly products in the studio and I get so frustrated when shooting tethered.


      Now, when the camera goes to sleep, it's obvious that Lightroom will notice and not be connected anymore, but it would be great if there were just a simple solution that always works to get connected again. The problem is that it almost always reacts differently to not shooting for a couple minutes.


      Sometimes, I'll just press the shutter down a little to wake the camera, and all is good.

      Sometimes, I'll press the shutter down and Lightroom will show it has reconnected, yet nothing happens when I press the shutter from the computer.

      Sometimes, I'll just shoot a frame from the camera, but the image will never transfer.

      Sometimes, it will transfer after it sits for a minute or so.

      Sometimes, it will reconnect, and I can fire the camera from the computer, but nothing happens after that.

      Sometimes, it will eventually start to transfer the last image.

      Sometimes it will transfer all of the images I shot since the last time I got it to work.

      Sometimes, I'll go to lunch for an hour and when I come back, I touch the shutter and everything works perfectly.


      etc, etc, etc...


      The solution, most times is to Stop Tethering, then Start Tethering again, but that doesn't always work either. I've had to quit Lightroom and unplug everything, then start over.


      At some point, I splurged for a TetherTools TetherBoost, but it does all the same stuff with that connected too.


      I'm always in the latest version of CC and on a relatively new 5K iMac 3 GHz i7, with 32GB of RAM.

      Same issues with older Canon 5D mkII, and 5D MkIII.


      So perplexing, is this just something I'll have to live with?